Life Happens….

So some where between Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas oh and New Years, I got lost. I would start writing and then forget what I was thinking about.  I have done some little projects here and there … baby bags, directions to follow, a back pack, right now I am doing a Cosplay Costume for my niece Trina. She’s so excited.

Quick recap:

Thanksgiving brought me and my dear friend Dawn back together with her family, we ate laughed spent time with the kids and I felt whole. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. Whole.

Christmas blew through like the wind, parties, shopping, watching the BBE swear he hates that holiday because its not really about the birth of Christ yadda yadda its a commercial driven experience and yet he had more fun shopping than I did for friends and family.  My sister PJ sent me a serger which I am still tinkering with and learning to use. I definitely need tweezers and a magnifier.

New Years came by and we had a few major dilemmas, BBE’s car died, we got him a scooter which is pretty cool. His fathers home had a fire, his brother in law’s mother passed .. its just been a rough few months.

I am changing jobs but happy about it and I am definitely going to sew more and come up with some fun upcycling solutions for your home too along the way.

I am reconnecting with old friends and love it but also love my new ones so much too. Their inspiration keeps me going!!!

Ok my dumplings, just a quick hello and I will see you all very soon!

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