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Happy Birthday to Me…

Well I have to say that I really feel that I rank. I got a Happy Birthday message from a fellow costumer who I really respect. Artemisia Moltabocca of I have only been following her a short while but she has some amazing talent and I hope to learn more from her one day!

Attack of the 80’s!

The wife of a close friend decided to have a surprise 40th and make it a 80’s theme! So much fun! Your possibilities are endless with this one, neon layers slouchy socks, head bands hair bows. I am a true fan of the 80’s mostly because it was a time of my youth and I loved the music.  So what did I wear? Exactly what I wore in the 80’s! Grampa’s bowler hat, braided my hair down side curly hair on the other, door knocker earrings and a big shirt. Have you guessed it? BOY GEORGE! I loved him in school and I resurrected the outfit. The only thing I had to get was pom poms and thread them on a string as a necklace.  I did find a bubble wand that looked like a microphone at the dollar store and with a little spray paint, it was a hit!

Prior to the event I posted some fun ideas for the rest of the group if they were stuck on their outfits, what would you pick? Who would you be?

The 80s were awesome, we saw things like the Miami Vice, A-Team, Greatest American Hero, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, John Hughes Movies: The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, St Elmo’s Fire. Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Loverboy, Van Halen, Azia, Yes, The Kinks were popular.

So here is some ideas for you:

Shoulder Pads
Neon Colors
Leotards with tights
Long Hair on guys and girls
Cut up that old sweatshirt or TShirt
Leg Warmers
Scrunched down big socks

Want a Movie or Music Icon?

Madonna – Old wedding dress or fluffly white skirt and a bustier with a crop jacket either denim or leather, lots of bracelts and big hoop earrings and don’t forget about a hair bow

Cyndi Lauper, make it loud and proud and put that fluffy skirt on, bracelets, cut tshirt and hair chalk , you can use sidewalk chalk and paint your hair with it if its a little damp.

Fast Times: board shorts, tshirt, van sneakers – Whoa dude! How about a waitress uniform?

Miami Vice: blazer, linen pants and tshirt don’t forget your wayfarers, and pastels.. Men rock your PINK!

DEVO: red hats with cover alls

GoGos: Towel on your hair, white face mask and body towel.

Hair Band: leather jacket and jeans spike it up, biker boots find a messy long hair wig and don’t forget your bandana





IMG_1820[1]I apologize for the quality of the picture but my camera was being stupid 😀

Most importantly: Happy Birthday Mike, you have a special place in my heart and I am glad to call you friend!



Its going to be a long KNIGHT.. or is it?

Its going to be a LONG KNIGHT .. or is it?


Its been a while I know but well like I said last time … Life gets in the way! I have changed jobs and took a little time off had family and dear friends visit. Now I just want to sit in my studio and create things.

A friends son asked if I can make a Lego Knight for him to wear to Medieval Times. He showed me a few pictures and from there it just a basic break down.  Lets start with the inspiration picture.




Now what I found to make it UPCYCLED!

1 Silver Tank Top                              $2.00

1 Bronze Pillow Sham                     $1.00

1 Red Table cloth                              $2.00

1 Empty Milk jug

1 Bag loose beads                            $.25

1 White foam core board              $2.88


Supplies that made it easier:

Template of a lion or whatever image you want.

Spray pattern adhesive

Fabric Glue

Modge Podge

Spray Paint

Glue Gun


I started by taking in the tank top on the shoulders and sides, these are hidden by the epaulettes and the cape.

Cut the oval table cloth in half serged/folded over the rough edges.

Printed out the Lion and sprayed the Pattern Adhesive on the back then cut it out of the Bronze Sham. (I wish I had this before because that stuff is my new GO TO for everything.. to heck with PINs! Those are a pain unless just tacking things in place.) Once cut pull the white paper off CAREFULLY you will need this for the shield later.

image1 (1)

Once the lion was in place I glued lightly with fabric glue or you can use heat-n-bond, then sewed around the edges as best as I could.

Stitch down the sides of the cape to the shoulders of the tank and cover with epaulettes.


Trim your threading!


As you remember the picture of the crown that Mom made, I decided to make it Joan’s Way! I cut out a center portion of an empty milk bottle. Cover with Modge Podge and the left over bronze fabric both inside and out.  If you want to you can spray paint it instead of fabric however use a primer and paint all in once and Rustoleum has a great line of Metallics that really show off well!

Once its dry I cut the notches, or whatever creative way you want to do it, hot glued stones and beads and even a few brass push pins around it to make it regal.  You can spray it with a clear sealant as well.




Take the foam core board and spray the center area with the emblem color of your choice, I did bronze, let dry for a few hours to be sure its not tacky.  Next cut out the shape of the shield whether oval or decorative its up to you. Carefully use either double sided tape or the pattern adhesive that is still tacky on the back of the lion lay the image down on the center color. Now spray your solid around the outside, I did a Hammered chrome once its dry you have to gently pull up the template in the middle and if you need touch up I just sprayed some bronze in cup and used a brush.  Use a clear sealant (I used the Modge Podge brand. )

I used gorilla glue on the back with some Velcro for straps, the adjustable ones are handy for little arms!



All done…..

……………….but wait …………….

…………………………………………..his brother wants a wizard robe……………………………


My neighbor gave me some gossamer fabric that I had planned to use for making patterns. I was in process of making a cape for another Harry Potter Inspired project – blog in process.  Here’s how I did it.

Take a large piece of fabric it can be a sheet too, this particular roll is 60” wide.  I cut a piece long enough to fold over evenly and it be to the knees or floor length depending on request.

fold in half


Now fold to quarters,




Cut off one corner in a half moon shape to give you a “hole” in the middle. Not too large as this is the place for your head and can have a hood or collar.

cut for hood

Reopen it to the rectangle shape again so it is just half folded, think poncho if you will. Now only cut through ONE LAYER straight up the middle like this diagram.  This is the front.

front opening

Now comes the fun part!  You can serge the two sides of the front or put a zipper in, if you are going to do a hood you want to gather around that neck hole, I use a ruffle foot or gathering attachment on my machine which is WAY awesome. Or you can just turn it under its whatever you want. I did a collar on another one of my robes.

Since we are talking wizard I wanted a hood. So lets back to our fabric, Take a piece 17” x 22” Fold in half. You can line it also so you want to cut two pieces of this.

 Now stitch here and here.

make a hood


Now open the hood, stitch the bottom edge to the gathered neckline.  Add buttons to the front to close it or a pin, Here is the end result including my Lady of the Lake! The boys were thrilled and so was I!


The Lady of the Lake was  a white version of the cape above, sash, simple drawstring skirt, and a lace crown that I made around a juice bottle and fabric stiffener.










I have a awesome surprise coming for the end of April so you will have stay tuned to find out! Please share subscribe and tell a friend!!! Im taking commissions for Comicons and Halloween early, reserve your choices early!

Life Happens….

So some where between Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas oh and New Years, I got lost. I would start writing and then forget what I was thinking about.  I have done some little projects here and there … baby bags, directions to follow, a back pack, right now I am doing a Cosplay Costume for my niece Trina. She’s so excited.

Quick recap:

Thanksgiving brought me and my dear friend Dawn back together with her family, we ate laughed spent time with the kids and I felt whole. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. Whole.

Christmas blew through like the wind, parties, shopping, watching the BBE swear he hates that holiday because its not really about the birth of Christ yadda yadda its a commercial driven experience and yet he had more fun shopping than I did for friends and family.  My sister PJ sent me a serger which I am still tinkering with and learning to use. I definitely need tweezers and a magnifier.

New Years came by and we had a few major dilemmas, BBE’s car died, we got him a scooter which is pretty cool. His fathers home had a fire, his brother in law’s mother passed .. its just been a rough few months.

I am changing jobs but happy about it and I am definitely going to sew more and come up with some fun upcycling solutions for your home too along the way.

I am reconnecting with old friends and love it but also love my new ones so much too. Their inspiration keeps me going!!!

Ok my dumplings, just a quick hello and I will see you all very soon!